Jeremiah "Liver Eatin' Johnston" the grave of "Liver Eating" Johnston was relocated to Old Trail Town on June 8, 1974. The movie Jeremiah Johnson was based on the life of John Johnston, now commonly know as "Jeremiah Johnson." During his colorful career, Johnston, who was born in 1824 and died in 1900, had been a trapper, hunter, woodhawk, army scout, marshal, and Civil War veteran. Over 2,000 people attended the reburial service for "Liver Eating" Johnston at Old Trail Town, probably the largest burial service in the history of Wyoming. The bronze statue of Johnston erected over the grave was sculpted by Peter Fillerup of Cody.

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Jim White, one of the foremost buffalo hunters of the western plains and mountains, was reburied at Old Trail Town on May 6, 1979. He killed over 16,000 buffalo and was ambushed by thieves at his hunting camp on Shell Creek in the Big Horn Mountains in 1880. His grave and cabin are both at Old Trail Town, along with his Sharps rifle.

Jack Stilwell was a scout and hunter. He is best known for his heroic deeds at the Battle of Beecher Island in September of 1868. He moved to Cody, Wyoming in 1897 to take care of "Buffalo Bill" Cody's interests while he was away with the Wild West Show. Jack Stilwell was reburied at Old Trail Town on May 12, 1984.

Phillip Vetter was a market hunter and trapper. He built a log cabin on the Greybull river above Meeteetse, Wyoming in roughly 1890. He was killed by a grizzly bear in September of 1892. Vetter was reburied on June 10, 1978 at Old Trail Town. W.A. GALLAGHER & BLIND BILL
W.A. Gallagher and Blind Bill were outlaws murdered in 1894 on Meeteetse Creek below the old town of Arland in mid-March of 1894. Both men were reburied at Old Trail Town on December 17, 1978.

Belle Drewry, the famous Woman in Blue, was murdered at Arland in 1897. Belle was reburied in 1986 at Old Trail Town.


Gravesites at Old Trail Town, Cody, WY
Gravesites at Old Trail Town, Cody, WY
Gravesite of Belle Drewry, The Woman in Blue
Gravesite of Belle Drewry, The Woman in Blue
Gravesite of Jim White
Gravesite of Jim White

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